About Me

Hi. I’m Jane Jenkins, The Networked Traveller.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am a forty-something female traveller, touring the world since 1995. Most of my travels had been solo, up until 2013, when I met my husband at a country horse racing meet in Central Queensland and within a year, we welcomed our daughter.

Among my friends, I am known as the networking queen after completing my MBA in 2006 with an address book thicker than my lecture pad. Many of my trips are planned around visits with friends to share in the mundane and exciting experiences of their lives. I think nothing of detouring 2000km out of my way to catch up. Highlights have included weddings in Bangalore, Bangkok and Eindhoven, an MBA reunion in Oslo, birthdays at Oktoberfest and Whistler and backyard BBQs in Windsor, Calgary and Vicchio. For me travel is about the experiences shared, not the places seen. There is nothing more valuable to me than the local knowledge of my friends.

Apart from spending time with friends both at home and abroad, I love nothing better than hitting the open road to attend an event or kicking back with good food, good wine and a good read.

When I am not travelling, I am working or learning. A workaholic, I love my job as a school principal, which also gives me the flexibility and cash to travel regularly. I am passionate about education – my own and others – and have completed four degrees in the fields of science, education, communication and business administration.

Random facts about me:

  • I’ve been to all continents except Antarctica (which is on my wishlist).
  • The longest adventure I have undertaken is a 15 week trip in 2008, all on holiday pay thanks to the uniquely Australian wonder that is long service leave. Well before social media, I created a wiki to help with the planning and organisation and got my friends to contribute and decide on my itinerary.
  • My longest road trip was nearly 10000km over a 5 week period, driving solo around western USA. During this trip I camped my way through 12 National Parks.
  • I have travelled to 17 of the 50 states of America (ie stayed at least one night) and transited (via car, bus and rail) through another five.
  • I have driven the Australian coastline from Cairns to Adelaide (though not all in one trip).

We are currently living in Western Queensland and love the rural and remote lifestyle that the outback provides. Our jobs as school Principals have seen us live all over the state. Our daughter is a great traveller too. Together we enjoy camping and getting out on the open road. The outback is full of interesting events and activities and nearly every other weekend we are taking advantage of what is going on in our own ‘backyard’. We are planning on taking 6 months off work at some point in the future to camp our way around the top half of Australia.

You can find out more about me and some of my other interests and projects at http://janes.space.