10 things I love about travel

Just in case you haven’t worked it out yet – I LOVE to travel – locally, interstate and overseas. Why do I love travel so much?

    1. I love catching up with friends far and wide and sharing in their life milestones such as birthdays, engagements, weddings, births and vacations. I love a big party nearly as much as I love a Sunday afternoon picnic.
    2. I love exploring new places which appeals to my sense of adventure. That feeling of experiencing something for the first time is indescribable.
    3. I love challenging myself to experience new things, be it food, physical activities, travelling by myself.
    4. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. Every person you come across is so different from the last and everyone has interesting life experiences to share.
    5. I love getting back to basics and enjoying the simple things, whether camping or just trying cut down on the amount of ‘stuff’ I take in my luggage.
    6. I love the unpredictableness of everyday – who knows what adventures may unfold? Even the best laid plans can go pear-shaped quickly and it’s about making lemonade from lemons.
    7. I love learning about new cultures through the language, people, places and activities. Everything is so different and yet so similar.
    8. I love escaping from my everyday life to reflect, refresh and then return. Even a quick day trip up the coast can achieve the same recharge as a longer trip overseas. It’s about being in the moment, wherever I am.
    9. I love photography and the world is my oyster when it comes to new images to capture. Having said that I also have a million sunset shots from my bedroom balcony that I never seem to get sick of taking photos of.
    10. I love planning and preparing for a trip. The researching, the saving, the plotting and the communicating with friends in the lead up to a big trip gets my travel juices flowing. If only I could bottle the feeling!

Why do you love to travel? I’d love to hear from you.



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